Monday, August 16, 2010


Wow it has really been forever since I have blogged... I just haven't been feeling the passion for it, therefore, I think I'm gonna stop for now. But I'm not gonna stop blogging completely. I do have a Tumblr, which I love, so I'm just gonna move there. Its easier and quicker to update. So Tumblr and Twitter shall be where I post everything, at least for a while. Maybe one day I will be back. But, for now come follow me on Tumblr and Twitter!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Look What I Found

Note: Post from Saturday. But I didn't get to publish it until today! And it isn't very good because blogger is spazzing out on me

Omg it has seriously been forever
I may kinda be back now. I've been busy, stressed, and so much more... Ugh, some stupid stuff has seriously been going on, and I kinda just haven't felt like blogging at all! But, whatever I think I'm feeling better and ready to blog again. Haha. But geez, I haven't blogged since before my prom? Where to start? I think I'm just gonna skip over all that. Prom was really fun and so was Grad Bash. But, yeah I don't wanna get into that. So moving on!

So what did I find? A dog in my garden! Yep. I have named him Louis, like from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I'm pretty sure he is a puppy and a mutt. I'm hoping a vet can tell us somewhat when we get him to one. We found him last Sunday and had no intention of keeping him until that night. So, if the owners don't come forward by tomorrow, he is legally ours. Kira and Jen aren't exactly happy, but once he is fixed and we make sure Kira and Jen don't get any less attention, I think they will all be fine. Here are some pictures of him:

He is pretty darn cute and fluffy. We are starting to wonder if someone abandoned him because he had an old collar with no tags, he has no idea where he is going in the neighbourhood, and the leash he had on him would be impossible for him to escape with. But whatever, he is safe now so it is okay.

So last weekend, I went with my mom to the Florida Mall. Sadly, I couldn't find anything I was willing to pay the price for, except a headband. I freaking love this headband though. I think I have worn it almost every day this week! It's a thin gold braided one. Very nice and goes with a lot of different things. My mom was able to find like four differenshirts which was cool. Maybe I'll have better luck next time. But then we went over to Victoria's Secret and the PINK store because we still had one of those gift cards. My mom was gonna use it on a new bra but she ended up not liking any of them and gave it to me. I bought two of those eye shadow crayons from the PINK line. I love eye shadow crayons and I have three from nyx, but I wanted to try the VS ones. I got a white and copper colour. The white is a lot less harsh than the nyx one, so it is more wearable. They also both have a pretty shimmer.

So I guess that is about it for now. I still have one more AP test and I'm putting off studying. I really need to though because I haven't yet. Ugh, Physics C why must you haunt me? Omg, I can't wait for the stupid thing to be over… It's also been ridiculously hot and humid the past week, hopefully we can get our pool cleaned within the next week! Anyways, hopefully I can get back into the groove of blogging soon. I know I probably will over the summer since I actually get to do some exciting stuff. Haha. Bye bye for now!